Customer solutions

We specialize in adapting our products to your exact requirements and in developing completely new solutions. 

This includes mechanical solutions such as adaptation to HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) applications > 90,000 feet altitude or for deep sea projects down to 2,000 m / 6,600 foot water depth and actuators with electromagnetic clutches for optional piloted vehicles (OPV).

We can also adapt the control signals to suit your requirements, for example, by expanding our RS 485 interface to include additional commands. Furthermore it is possible to integrate e.g. CAN based protocols.

We are also your ideal partner for research projects. Together with the Institute of Flight System Dynamics at the Technische Universität München (TUM), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and other institutes, we have already developed several innovative products.

DA 26-MC

DA 20-TS



Rotax throttle body
with integrated DA 20-T